7 Hairstyles for Short Natural Hair

So you’ve just big chopped, maybe for the first time or the fourth time and you’re not sure which styles to do now. Look no further, down below we guarantee that you will find your next look!

1. Flat twisted to the side with a Bantu knot out

Bantu knot out with flat twists

To turn a classic Bantu knot out into an edgy look, add flat twists on one side and add cute gold hair jewellery

2. Finger coils and Elastic Bands

An easy alternative to twist outs is to finger coil and use elastic bands to create this beautiful crown

3. Mini Twists

Mini Twists

If you’re looking for a break or a low manipulation style, mini twists will become your best friend. You can keep this in for more than 2 blissful weeks.

4. Puff


A Classic! The easiest timeless look is the puff. Grab a large hairband and slowly push your hair up to create this look. For a sleek look add a little bit of gel or edge control and tie your hair down with a scarf for a few minutes to set the style.

5. Cornrowed puff


These cornrows at the back of the head give new life to a usually boring hairstyle. If you can’t cornrow try out doing two flat twists instead

6. Fulani cornrows and two puffs


Take your curly puffs to the next level by adding Fulani inspired cornrows and gold accessories

7. Two puffs at the front


Turn your fro into an even cuter look by adding two curly puffs at the front with some gold accents!

Have you tried any of these looks? Let us know in the comments below


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