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Thick hair

As you read the title of this blog, you sigh deeply. Listen, ladies, I know. I know you can’t be bothered. I’ve been there for sure. But guess what? Detangling your beautiful mane does not have to be an extreme sport. Take it from me, a Jamaican girl with thick, ‘4ccccc’ hair (notice the emphasis?). There is a method to doing everything. Having perfectly detangled strands begins with the way you wash your hair. Follow this step-by-step list that could quite possibly change your hair and your life for the better. 

First of all, consider this. Whenever you cook a meal, you would never throw all of your ingredients, unwashed and prepared, into one pot and expect a beautiful, award-winning plate of food to be made. You would definitely need to separate each part of the meal in order to prepare it properly. In a similar way, we cannot, under any circumstances, expect our hair to cooperate if we do not SECTION IT. This is the most important part of any wash day. It does not have to be sectioned perfectly but ensure to work on your hair in parts. This will make a world of a difference.

Also, while consuming a meal, our bodies crave water to assist in the digestion of our food. Water helps to cleanse our palette and quench our thirst. While our hair appreciates good, natural ‘food’, it is imperative to hydrate our strands before attempting any detangling whatsoever. Trying to comb out our hair while it’s dry is one of the worst things to do. It’s criminal even. Dry ends love to break off. So, ladies, when washing your hair, for example, I suggest fully soaking each section with water to give your hair some hydration. Hydrated hair is so much easier to comb through. However, is water all you need to detangle safely?

Although water provides incredible hydration, using a conditioner (whether deep conditioner or regular) provides the amazing slip needed to help you detangle properly. Concentrate the conditioner on your ends and start there. This helps detangle more effectively and prevents the conditioner from building up too much on your scalp. Your ends need most of the moisture and slip when combing through. You will find that when your ends are free of tangles, the rest of the hair is extremely easy to get through. And remember, squeeze out the excess water from your hair before applying your conditioner. This will prevent the conditioner from ‘slipping off’ of the hair strand. 

The final thing to consider when trying to detangle your hair is what way of detangling could work best for you. In other words, do you find that finger detangling prevents hair loss? Or does a wide-tooth comb get your tangles out just right? This part of the process is completely up to you. For me, I find that finger detangling and using my wide-tooth comb work extremely well together. I soak my section with water and gently use my fingers to separate my stands. Once I apply my conditioner, I take my wide-tooth comb and comb through gently. This works for me every time, regardless of the hairstyle I had prior to starting my wash day. 

Thick hair, detangle, detangling

I followed these steps in order to achieve this incredibly soft and plush afro look and it was super simple. It’s important to give your hair the tender, loving care that it deserves. No one can love your hair for you. This process will require a bit of patience and discipline. You’ll be fed up and tired sometimes but thinking of the great benefits can help you tremendously. When giving your hair that amazing flair, always detangle with care! 


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Thick hair

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