4 Frotastic Hair Products for Moisturised hair

So many products… so little time and money! How do you even begin to find out what works best for your fro? For me, I follow this simply mantra: TRIAL AND ERROR. You have to try different things and eliminate what isn’t for you. If that means shunning some of the ‘best’ and most popular hair care products (I’m talking to you Cantu), then so be it. It’s important to give your hair some TLC and it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Here’s a list of products that I swear by**, no matter what style I’m doing:

1. Trèsemme Shampoo and Conditioner 

Cleansing that mane is important ladies! And these products do just that for me. Not only are they extremely hydrating, but they leave my hair feeling very soft and manageable, make detangling a breeze and cleanse my scalp with just ONE wash. Of course, this technique has a lot to do with how clean your hair can get. For example, I section my hair into four parts so that I can focus more on my scalp while shampooing. That way, I don’t have to shampoo my hair more than once. You can get this product in any pharmacy/supermarket, worldwide, at a reasonable price.

2. True Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner 

Ladies, when I talk about the embodiment of softness, this product is it! I generally use this on my freshly washed hair, and it works amazingly. This is perfect for when I want to achieve a beautiful, stretched, afro look. Unfortunately, this product does not mix well with any gel. So, I generally use it as a stand-alone. Nonetheless, if you want extremely soft, manageable hair, this product is the one for you. It’s produced by the local brand, Eden Gardens Wellness Brand, here in Jamaica. Big up mi Jamaican dem weh ah read dis!

3. Good ‘Ole Eco Styler 

Hear me out girls. I know Eco Styler was “cancelled” recently by a lot of people. However, let’s be real, this stuff works! This product is perfect for me, whether I’m doing a twist-out, sleek puff or wash ‘n go. Although I experience a bit of flaking, I tolerate it because my curls are tremendous and long-lasting. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, technique is everything when it comes to styling your hair well. Sometimes, we may use a product and think it doesn’t work but changing the way in which you use it could do wonders.

4. Argan Oil Hair & Scalp Conditioner

This oil is life-changing. This product is a huge part of my styling routine because of how well it pairs with every product I use. It doesn’t weigh my hair down nor is it too greasy. Pairing this product with eco-styler has changed the way my twist-outs come out in a major way. My fro stays moisturized and shiny for up to a week before ever needing to reapply oil to my scalp or hair. Here’s a photo of a recent twist-out I did:

This hair is a week old! (yes, it’s true). And if you have issues with flaking, using this product minimizes the number of flakes seen. You can find this product on Amazon.

It’s important to reiterate that your hair routine does not need to be extravagant. You can save your money girls! Make sure to use what works for YOU. Don’t feel bad if your routine does not match anyone else’s. We should all do what’s best for our hair. In the end, our hair will definitely be “frotastic”!

** Please note that I am not a hair expert and the products listed are what work best for my hair type. 


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