How To Keep Natural Hair Moisturised All Day

‘My hair is so dry’ is a comment we hear so often. Keeping your natural hair moisturised can really be a struggle but with these tips, it can all be a breeze.

Use water

Using a leave in for moisturised natural hair. Flora & Curl, british black owned hair brand. Natural Hair Loving
Photo from @floracurl

Just like your body, your hairs number one moisturiser is water. For a moisturiser to truly hydrate your curls, make sure that water is in the first two ingredients. If you don’t see it, then this product will not be able to moisturise your hair.

Use a sealing oil

Using a natural oil to seal in the moisture from your water-based moisturiser will help to keep your hair moisturised. Oil and water do not mix and this layer of oil will keep the water on your hair for a longer period. We recommend using jojoba oil as it most similar to your scalps natural sebum.

Use the LOC Method

Liquid. Oil. Cream. This three-step method is designed to maximise the moisture in your hair and keep your strands luscious and hydrated for days on end. Start off with your favourite water-based leave-in, follow this up with a natural oil and end with a thick cream to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny

Avoid heat

Hot combs, flat irons and blowdryers get your hair straighter by stripping the moisture from your hair. Regular use of these tools will make your hair feel very dry and increase your chances of hair breakage.

Deep condition to stay moisturised

Regular deep conditioning is one important step in helping to keep natural hair moisturised. Deep conditioners are packed with nutrients and oils which help to nourish your strands. Make sure to use a deep conditioner each wash day to give your natural hair a well-needed moisture boost after shampooing.

Protective style

Keeping hair moisturised with braids. Blond braids. Natural hair loving
Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

Keeping your strands clumped together with twists and braids, helps moisture stay in your hair for longer. Cornrows/cainrows, buns and Bantu knots are all examples of style which will keep your hair moisturised all day.

Use a satin scarf

When heading off to bed, remember to tie your hair with a satin/ silk scarf or sleep on a satin/silk pillow. Unlike cotton, they do not absorb a lot of moisture from the hair. Silk is an animal protein fibre which prevents moisture loss and reduces friction with your hair.

We hope that these tips were helpful. If you’re looking for a water-based moisturiser, check out our list of British black-owned natural products to get started.


How to keep your natural hair moisturised all day


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