Combing your hair can be such a workout. Ladies, you know the ever so familiar pain that flows through your arms when you’re trying to get that low puff just right, or when you try to detangle your wet hair in the shower. We are tired! However, there is a solution to our problems. That’s right: protective styles. Whether it’s twists, cornrows (affectionately called “canerow” in Jamaica), wigs, or braids, these styles can save time, energy and, sometimes, even money. But most importantly, our hair gets a chance to breathe and do what it does best: GROW! Let’s dive in.


This is, personally, my favourite protective style. Although it takes forever for me to be done because of the thickness of my hair (and my general inability to style my hair well), this style works wonders for me. I can wash my hair and sleep comfortably while rocking this look. I can wear them for as long as I like. When I get tired of them, I simply untwist and a whole new style emerges: the ever so popular twist out. 


Ah, another way to give your arms ease and still look cute. Though the installation process can be hours long, even a full day, we still feel excited because we no longer need to purchase tubs of gel to tame our mane. Though your real hair is hidden away, having braids in does not prevent you from washing and treating your scalp. In fact, this is something that I highly recommend. Also, I implore you all to take care of those edges! Don’t make your braids too tight. 


I’ve never worn a wig before, but I understand the hype. A wig can definitely transform a person’s whole look while protecting your natural hair. Of course, the only way your hair can be truly protected when installing wigs is to make sure your strands are properly moisturized (this can be applied when doing braids as well) and kept neat by means of twists or cornrows. Once again, protect those edges yall. You don’t want to look bald-headed after you take your wig off.


This style is one I haven’t tried in a long time. However, I enjoy watching videos of natural hair influencers doing beautiful cornrows in their hair, whether they use braiding hair or not. It reminds me of when I was a child and my mother would do it. I’d rock this style to school for weeks before having to pull it out. While there’s no need to comb your hair when you have cornrows, it’s important to keep moisturizing your scalp with oils daily. This will help to avoid dry scalp (which flakes horribly) and itchiness. 

Combing your hair isn’t always enjoyable. We spend a lot of time and money to get our hair looking perfect and healthy. While protective styles allow for time and money conservation, it is also a wonderful opportunity to do what we all want to do: protect the fro!


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