Tips on how to get and keep those inches, sis

Everyone always asks, “how do I grow my hair faster?”, or “how do I retain my length?” or some other variation of their desire for long hair. That’s why I’m here to give you a few tips on how to get and keep those inches, sis!

1. Hydrate those curls

This is probably the most important key to having not just long, but HEALTHY hair and it’s the one thing I see that gets neglected the most by us, natural girls. When your hair isn’t getting an adequate amount of moisture(water), then it is highly susceptible to breakage. So, even though your hair is growing, that growth is being counteracted by your ends falling off, from lack of moisture. Make sure that water is the foundation of you’re styling regimen. Remember that oils do not hydrate your hair. Oil is a sealant, so it locks in whatever moisture is already in your hair.

2. Keep your hands out of your hair

Now, this doesn’t mean neglect those curls. This just means give your hair a break. Try not to manipulate it every day and do styles that don’t require you to put a comb to your head. Which brings me to protective styles…protective styling is perfect because your hair is tucked away for a while, without living in fear of falling out, due to those pesky styling tools. Try styles like braids, twists, or even slap on a wig! Just make sure your hair is properly hydrated. Oh! Don’t forget when doing these hairstyles, to make sure they are LOW TENSION. You should never be popping an Advil because your braids are too tight. Secure and protect those edges, sis!

3. Scissors are your friend

It’s time to stop being afraid of the scissors. In order to retain length, you have to ensure that your ends are well-kept. Like I said before, split ends/breakage is real and it is important to trim your hair, when necessary. There is no real timeline on how often you should trim because everyone is different and if you’re transitioning, of course, it’s really up to you and when you feel comfortable trimming…but just pay attention to your ends. If you look at them and see that your hair is starting to thin out towards the end, then cut it. If when you’re washing/detangling your hair and you’re shedding way more strands than you’re accustomed to–cut it. Your hair will thank you.

Remember y’all –HAIR GROWS! Don’t think you have to take a bunch of vitamins or supplements to make your hair grow (if you are thinking of taking any supplements, please consult with a doctor before doing so). Hair grows on our bodies(sometimes in places we don’t want), whether we like it or not. Just be patient, hydrate your curls and keep those ends healthy. Don’t forget to take photos to document your progress! You’ll be surprised at just how far you’ve come on this journey. Stay natural, y’all!


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